What this website is about

Our aim is to provide a resource where you can find and compare the best WordPress plugins in various categories, perfect for your specific requirements and budget.

To get started simply enter which features you will definitely need from your form plugin, choose the number of sites that you will use this plugin on, and the list will update in realtime to reflect the cheapest way to get your desired feature set.

Check this video for more details (will follow)

Is the plugin list biased in some way?

The WP PluginScout wants to help you with objective data only: it is not about subjective criteria, such as ease-of-use, and certainly not by any payments from the plugin vendors. The plugins will be listed no matter if they offer affiliate programs or not, and if the free version on wordpress.org matches your need, you will see it in first place. Because we honor your goal to get the best results for your budget, even if you have no budget šŸ™‚

In those cases where there is an affiliate program, we do use it, and I highly appreciate if you use our “Go to plugin” button. It will not affect the price you pay.

Who is making it

WP PluginScout is brought to you by the folks of Indiveon Outsourcing, Sofia-based Web Developers who partner with agencies throughout Europe for their development needs. Be it WordPress, any PHP-based framework, ReactJS and more, we strive to always deliver best-in-class technology.

Find out more at https://indiveon.com/en