Browse our Glossary of Plugin Features and find out where they are used.


Seamlessly integrate your WordPress forms with 2Checkout to receive payments worldwide from over 200 countries.

Accessibility Compliance

Can your WordPress forms serve the visually impaired? Are your forms screen-reader friendly? Make sure your form builder follows modern accessibility standards.


Automatically add subscribers to your ActiveCampaign email lists when a form is submitted.

Advanced Form Fields

Field types that provide special functionality, such as ratings, range sliders, geolocation, and many more.

Agile CRM

Integrate with Agile CRM when a form on your WordPress site is submitted. Create a contact, update an existing contact, and more.


Capture credit card payments along with any additional data you want from the user right on your site, without sending the user to a 3rd party to complete the transaction.

Automatically Populate Fields

You can autofill fields by pulling values from the current user’s profile, for example. You can also autofill fields by using Dynamic fields.


Automatically send messages confirming a visitor’s form submission.


Automatically add subscribers to your AWeber email lists when a form is submitted.