Automatically add subscribers to your ActiveCampaign email lists when a form is submitted.

ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform for small to medium-sized business that offers software for customer experience automation, which pretty much is a combination of email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation and CRM categories. 

There isn’t much you can’t do with ActiveCampaign but if you want to connect your data flow from WordPress to ActiveCampaign, or any CRM, it can be a pain. Manually transferring data takes forever and is sensible to mistakes. 

However, more and more form builder plugins offer an integration for ActiveCampaign. With those integrations it only takes a single action to connect any WordPress form to ActiveCampaign. A feature that used to require yet another connection software.

Now you can simply choose the list you want from your ActiveCampaign account, and begin mapping fields from the form to it.

You can map form fields to stock ActiveCampaign fields but you can also pull in your custom fields as well. Plus, you can assign tags to your form fields that will then be assigned to contacts who submit a form.

Also your account’s double opt-in feature is fully supported if your form builder plugin has an ActiveCampaign integration.

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Zapier Integration

Integrate with other online services such as Salesforce, Basecamp, GMail and over 1000 others using Zapier automation. You will need a Zapier account to make this, so additional costs may incur.

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