Perform advanced calculations based on submitted field values.

Want to offer multiple products or service options from your WordPress website? Accept payment for an event or charge a registration fee that will vary depending on the selections your users make?

Looked at a dedicated ecommerce solution? Integrations like WooCommerce and Shopify are great for big online stores but they’re also very expensive and complex. The time investment to learn and maintain them is high. Therefore it can be tough to find the features you need at a reasonable price point.

BUT: Some WordPress form builders offer calculation forms and payment integrations. You can take values from anywhere on your form, total it all out behind the scenes, display an amount for your customers, and send that amount through to your payment gateway of choice.

Some examples for fields that can be used for calculations? Basically anything, since you can assign a value to any input from the visitor:

  • Checkboxes: let customers select one or more items.   .
  • Dropdowns: single and even multi-select items from a list
  • Select Image: let customers select one or more items with an image
  • Number: let customers enter a value

Simply choose the field(s) you need and set a value for your different products or services. That could simply look like this:

Then just add the calculation feature – e.g. add up values and display the sum at the bottom. Some forms will allow you to even collect payments e.g. via Stripe, Paypal Express, Elavon and Recurly.

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