Campaign Monitor Form Integration

Collect and add subscribers to your Campaign Monitor email marketing lists automatically when a form is submitted.

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that will help you create eye-catching newsletters. But the best newsletter software does not make your life easier, if it is difficult to connect it to your WordPress website. Often integrating your newsletter tool via plugin only offers limited features and customization options. With the Campaign Monitor form integration feature (aka add on) that is not a concern for you since you get a direct connection between your site and your newsletter software.

Simply connect the two by:

  1. Installing and activating the add-on for your page builder
  2. Logging into your account and grabbing your API Key and Client ID
  3. Pasting them into your WordPress dashboard

You then have the ability to map form fields to different merge fields in Campaign Monitor, so you are in 100% control.

Campaign Monitor Form Integration: More fun with conditional logic

A Campaign Monitor form integration addon allows you to select which email list and segment the subscriber be should added to. So you could combine this feature with “Conditional Logic” to add subscibers to segmented email lists depending on their answers / choices.

Aside from the subscription forms, you can also use this feature with other forms such as your normal contact form, request a quote form, and basically any other form.

This allows you to give your users multiple opportunities to subscribe to your newsletter allowing you to get maximum results.

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