Complex (Multicolumn) Layouts

Lets you create complex forms visually. A simple case will be to have several form fields arranged in columns, i.e. First and Last name, or City and Zip Code next to each other.

Have you ever tried to create columns in your forms manually, only to discover that you need to understand CSS to make it happen?

If you want to create complex forms visually (without the hassle of using css or shortcodes), you will need a form builder that offers this feature. Even if you have a great handle on CSS, there’s simply no reason to take the time to write the rules. Don’t waste your time on coding, choose a form builder plugin that easily let’s you handle multiple columns with drag & drop (these capabilites often come in unison).

But why would you need multiple columns?

Because it makes your form look neat and elegant, thus improving user engagement. A simple example of when complex form layouts come in handy: Several form fields arranged in columns, i.e. First and Last name, or City and Zip Code next to each other.

Can multiple columns be a problem, too?

An interesting read is this e-Commerce study. It seems that multi column forms can lead to errors and ultimately to form abandonment:

Consequences of using a multi-column form layout include users skipping fields where they actually have data to input, inputting data into the wrong fields, or simply coming to a halt and puzzling over how to proceed with inputting their data in the first place.

So if you decide to use Multi-Column, you may want to make sure none of those fields are marked as required. Even if your lead skips a field by accident, at least he won’t abandon the form, which he will once he gets those annoying error messages over and over.

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