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Instead of asking all questions at once, Conversational Forms takes the one question at a time approach similar to a face-to-face conversation.

Have you ever analysed how many users start to fill out your website forms and leave the page before completing it?

No? Well, have a look at your Google Analytics (actually, some form builders have integrated analytics that will show you exactly how many forms were abandoned after the visitor started filling out the form) and remember: Every time a user does not complete one of your forms you are losing out on valuable leads.

So how can you increase your user engagement and decrease the form abandonment rate?

Instead of asking all twenty questions at once, conversational forms can be the solution. Conversational forms take the one question at a time approach – similar to a face-to-face conversation. 

A famous example is typeform, which has made an artform out of these. 

However, they can be quite expensive to use, even using their lowest available plan. Another downside is that the moment you stop paying, or if the vendor goes out of business, those forms will stop working. 

If you want full control, you may be looking for a form builder that you can add to your wordpress site, giving you this conversational style without the need to pay for yet another tool.

Some form builder plugins offer add ons that even enable you to design a distraction-free conversational form landing page that can be fully individualized using your logo and corporate identity colours. The goal of using conversational forms is to help make your WordPress forms feel more human and thus increase the conversion rate.

This is an example from a wordpress formbuilder:

interactive conversational forms example
This is a demo from WPForms.

The best part about conversational form landing pages is that your users can complete the entire form using just their keyboard similar to as if they were having a chat conversation on Messenger.

This user experience also works great for smart phones (mobile) and tablets making your forms more accessible for all.

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