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Need to have your users submit documents? Photos? Just add file upload fields to your form and save the files to your server.

Want to allow your users to submit applications? Upload resumes, pictures or videos? If yes, you should make sure that your form builder of choice offers a file upload. Don’t worry, most form builders do.

Simply add the File Upload field to a WordPress form. Visitors viewing the form will be able to select their file by clicking on a button. The field’s progress bar will keep them in the loop as the upload progresses. They also make it easy to implement restrictions like the number of uploads, file type and file size. 

A very user friendly upload function from Formidable Forms: allows multiple files, Drag’n Drop and has a progress indicator. Something that not all form builders measure up with.

Even better: you can often choose where you want to store those files. Uploaded files can be stored directly on your server or e.g. in Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Please check carefully if the form builder of your choice offers this integration out of the box, or if it is a paid add-on or requires a higher paid plan.

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