Front End Submission

Let your visitors add content to your site without ever entering your WordPress backend.

Do you want to have user generated and user submitted content on your WordPress site?

The Front End Submission feature of form builder plugins allow your website visitors to submit guest blog posts and other content on your WordPress site without logging into the admin area.

Once the user submits an entry from your frontend post submission form, the plugin will automatically create a blog post and mark it as pending, so you can review it before it goes live. 

With front end submission forms, you can collect all the necessary information like

  • Title
  • Content
  • Featured Image (with file upload)
  • Tags and Categories
  • Excerpt

Can it only be used for blog post submission? No! There are a lot of possibilities to use front end submission forms.

Some examples:

  • Allow non-registered users to submit content without creating an account. Example: you have a contest going on and ask visitors to submit stories, pictures or videos. You will want as many participants as possible, so you shouldn’t require them to create an account.
  • Allow registered users to submit content without accessing the full admin area. Example: Guest authors for your blog, or members who are allowed to publish their event on your site.
  • Charge for user submitted listings (by integrating with a payment solution). Example: Business directory, property listing, etc.
  • Collect testimonials from your customers and add them to your site with just one click (no copy/paste).

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