Directly integrate your forms with Mailchimp. Every form on your WordPress site can be used to add subscribers to your email lists.

Are you using Mailchimp for your email marketing? Would you like to create smarter Mailchimp signup forms in WordPress?

If you want to connect your forms to your Mailchimp account, you might want to consider choosing a form builder plugin that offers a mailchimp integration. 

Mailchimp is an All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses that focuses mainly on marketing automation and email marketing.

A form builder with a Mailchimp integration allows you to create Mailchimp newsletter signup forms in WordPress, so you can grow your email list. You can simply select which email list and email group the subscriber be should added to and the integration automatically adds emails to your marketing lists when your forms are submitted. 

If your form builder has a Mailchimp integration it allows you to enable / disable single opt-in per form. That means you can pick and choose whether you want a double opt-in or a single-opt in, which you can normally only set up within Mailchimp. 

Aside from the subscription forms, you can also use the Mailchimp integration or addon with your other forms such as your normal contact form or request a quote form.

This allows you to give your users multiple opportunities to subscribe to your newsletter allowing you to get maximum results.

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