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MailPoet is a newsletter tool that allows you to send customized campaigns from within your wordpress dashboard - no third party service required!

Create WordPress newsletters directly on your site. If you aren’t sending very many emails, you can send newsletters with MailPoet instead of a service like MailChimp.

MailPoet is a newsletter tool that allows you to send customized campaigns to your mailing list. The biggest advantage of using MailPoet to send out your newsletters is that you can simply use it from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Quickly add content and images directly from your media library — no need to upload files to other newsletter tools. 

If you’re using MailPoet as your newsletter tool, you might want to make sure, that you’re form builder plugin has a MailPoet integration. And here’s why:

Let’s be honest – MailPoet is a great newsletter tool but the stock sign-up forms don’t offer too many options. You can sometimes feel limited concerning the forms’ features and styling options. 

One of the success factors for a good mailing list is a signup form that catches the user’s eye and draws him in. So, if you want to make the most out of your sign-up forms, you’re well advised to find a form builder plugin that has a MailPoet add on and allows you to

  1. Add a MailPoet action to your form
  2. Select your List
  3. Map form fields to account fields
  4. Start collecting signups!
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