Multi-Page Forms

Split forms into multiple pages to increase conversions.

Do you have long forms on your website? Are you seeing low form conversion rates?

Here’s the truth: the longer a form is, the less likely it will be filled out.

Nobody likes filling out long forms!

Whether it is a registration form or a job application form. Long forms decrease user experience and engagement.

To improve user engagement, it can make sense to split your form into multiple pages. A multi page form can let you break down lengthy forms into different sections, making them less overwhelming. By splitting your forms into smaller chunks, you can increase form conversions considerably.

For example, after splitting what was once a single-step landing page form in WordPress into multiple steps, actually saw that 53% of site visitors converted and became leads, even when the form was broken into many steps.

Ways to use multiple page forms:

  • Registration forms
  • Multi Page Job Application Forms
  • Surveys
  • Multi Page Patient Data Forms – Do you have a medical practice? Need you patient or clients to fill in necessary data beforehand? Then multi page forms can increase the engagement rate.
  • School application forms
  • Multi Step Payment Order Forms – Payment orders sometimes require more information. Why not break it down to create a smooth process.

Here is a good example for a Multi-Page Form:

Step 1

Cirius Marketing Multi-page Form Example.2

Followed by step 2:

This multi-page form example works well because it entices leads with the free download incentive, and gets those that are truly interested to give their personal info in exchange for a free download.

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