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Everything your visitors enters into your forms will be saved in their browser, even if they close the tab or exit their browser completely. Then when their internet connection is restored, they can easily restore their information and send it over to you.

Is there anything worse than losing a lead cause the user’s internet connection is disconnected half way through filling out your contact form? Probably not. 

You could of course build only very short forms.

But in those cases where you do have more information to ask, the key to a high conversion rate of a form is to make it as easy as possible for the user to submit the data. That is why some page builders offer an offline form mode. 

This function helps you to never lose a lead or data again, since everything the user enters will be saved in the browser – even if they close the tab by accident or exit their browser completely. So when the internet connection is restored, or the tab re-opened, the user can continue where he left.

The offline form mode is great for:

  • Offline data collection e.g. inspections in places where there is no internet connection.
  • Offline surveys so you can easily collect responses in the field without the internet.
  • Events where Wi-Fi can be spotty
  • And very long application or registration forms, to prevent frustrated applicants and clients

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