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Send your WordPress form notifications using the SendGrid email service. By using a dedicated email service to send your form notification emails rather than from within your WordPress web server, notifications are much more reliable to ensure you don’t miss a single event!


Automatically send notifications to a Slack channel when a form on your WordPress site is submitted.

Smart Script Loading

The scripts that are required to run the form will only be loaded when there is a form on the page, not on every page. That will increase the performance of your WordPress website and thus, make it way more user friendly.

SMS Notification

Do you generate time-sensitive leads with your forms? This allows your forms to both send SMS messages and receive them, and even schedule for later.

Spam Protection

Prevents form submissions by automated spammers. Unprotected forms get a LOT of spam submissions these days.


Square is a financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company. It allows you to easily and securely collect payments from your users.


Capture one time credit card payments or setup recurring payment subscriptions.

Submission Analytics

Track data without using Tools like Google & co.: Browser type, Geolocation data, URL referrer and more


Create detailed surveys for market research, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, etc.


No need to create a form from scratch: start with pre-built form templates to save even more time.