Browse our Glossary of Plugin Features and find out where they are used.


Accept one time and recurring credit cards payments on your WordPress site using BrainTree.


Automatically create a Breeze Card in a Breeze List when a form is submitted. Breeze is a simple tool for project management.


Perform advanced calculations based on submitted field values.


Integrate with Campfire, a team collaboration and real time chat service. Campfire is like instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups.

Capsule CRM

Allows you to create or update contacts and create tasks.

Cascading Dropdowns

Cascading drop-down select fields. Create Year/Make/Model style selections or use available hooks/filters to data drive the drop-down choices dynamically.


Automatically add subscribers to your Clever Reach email lists when a form is submitted.

Complex (Multicolumn) Layouts

Lets you create complex forms visually. A simple case will be to have several form fields arranged in columns, i.e. First and Last name, or City and Zip Code next to each other.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button based on user selections.