Browse our Glossary of Plugin Features and find out where they are used.

Confirmation Fields

Confirmation fields, such as the ‘repeat email address’ field are great for validating, if the user entered the correct data, helping him avoid typos in contact data and email address.

Constant Contact

Automatically add subscribers to your Constant Contact email lists when a form is submitted.

Conversational Forms

Instead of asking all questions at once, Conversational Forms takes the one question at a time approach similar to a face-to-face conversation.


Create a lead generation form and nurture your leads into customers using ConvertKit.


The Coupons feature allows you to easily implement coupon functionality on (order) forms. Coupons can be form specific or apply to all forms that utilize the Coupon Field.

Custom Search Form

Create custom search forms. Build queries to search posts, tags, custom post types, custom fields, etc.

Customize HTML / CSS

For developers – adds custom classes so you can style the appearance of the form elements with CSS.