Browse our Glossary of Plugin Features and find out where they are used.

Offline Forms

Everything your visitors enters into your forms will be saved in their browser, even if they close the tab or exit their browser completely. Then when their internet connection is restored, they can easily restore their information and send it over to you.

Partial Entries / Form Abandonment

View partial entries that have been created even if the form was abandoned by the user. Similar to the abandoned cart technology used by e-commerce systems.

Paypal Commerce Platform

PayPal Commerce Platform has an infrastructure in over 200 markets, making compliance, regulatory requirements, and currency conversion easy for you. Plus,accept payment in over 100 currency types. Apart from paypal and credit card payments, you can also get SEPA payments.

PayPal Express

PayPal Express checkout allows for one time payments via PayPal account or credit cards. All payments are completed by redirecting to PayPal and then returning to your site.

PayPal Payments Pro

Enable users to make payments directly on your site without sending the user to PayPal to complete the transaction.

PDF Form Submissions

Converts the form submission into a pdf, for example invoices or contracts based on the form input.

Pipe Video Recording

Record and capture videos as a form field with the Pipe Video Recording Platform. Pipe handles video recording from desktop and mobile devices, all the different file formats, and ensures secure storage & delivery.


Add polls to any WordPress page, post, or widget to get the feedback you need. Limit poll results to only the people who need to see them, or publicly display user feedback.


Send your WordPress form notifications using the Postmark email service for more reliability and detailed delivery stats.


Postmatic allows site visitors to subscribe to posts or comments via email. Subscribers can engage in discussions by commenting via email.