Browse our Glossary of Plugin Features and find out where they are used.


Create Quizzes that are automatically graded or scored when the form is submitted.

Recurly Integration

Subscription plans a part of your business model? Let your users subscribe from any WordPress form & make management easier with Recurly! Beware – this requires a recurly account which costs a minimum of 149 USD each month.

Repeater Fields

Use a Repeater field to add a group of fields any number of times. Incredibly useful if you would like users to add details about multiple items in a form.


Send your Form entry data to any other site that has a REST API. It is set up to send requests using Basic Authorization.

Review Before Submit

A summary field to review the form entry before it is submitted. Ideal for applications, order forms, or any multi-page form.


Easily connect your WordPress form to your Salesforce account. Submitted form data will immediately appear in your CRM.

Save and Continue Drafts

You can allow your users to save a partially completed form and return later to finish it (even non-registered users).