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PayPal Express checkout allows for one time payments via PayPal account or credit cards. All payments are completed by redirecting to PayPal and then returning to your site.

If you haven’t used Paypal Express yet, here’s an explanation of what it’s used for: PayPal Express Checkout, also known as PayPal Checkout, is a checkout system that makes it easier for you to take payments from your customers. PayPal Checkout lets customers log into PayPal to pay for the items in their shopping cart without any further actions or clicks needed.

Form builders with this integration allow you to integrate your WordPress site with PayPal, so that you can

  • create order forms for physical products
  • collect pre-payments for services
  • sell digital downloads
  • collect donations on your site

Most form builders offer advanced payment fields that allow you to add multiple items and display the total amount before the user orders. This gives your users the security of knowing exactly what they are paying for.

Once your users submit a form, they will automatically be transferred to Paypal to complete the transaction. You can then automatically redirect them back to your website for follow-up. Present them with a success message, email a receipt, redirect them to a follow-up page, …. All up to you.

Tip: If you want to keep the visitor on your site during payment, you are looking for something like Paypal Payments Pro or Stripe Integration.

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