Add polls to any WordPress page, post, or widget to get the feedback you need. Limit poll results to only the people who need to see them, or publicly display user feedback.

Online polls have been around for a while since they are highly engaging and can be used to boost user engagement on your website. That’s why popular websites like BuzzFeed regularly use them to create viral content and increase the time users spend on their website.

Poll, Survey or Quiz – what’s the difference?

While Surveys are used for very detailed feedback and even quizzes can get quite long, Polls are used to record opinions or votes based on a single question, and often the user will get to see the result of the poll after submission.

Here is an example of a poll we use on our website:

Please Vote!

Which Plugin Category do you want us to review next?

If you submit your answer, you will see the results. Furthermore, you will be blocked from answering the poll question again.

Lots of WP page builders come with addons that allow you to create good looking and easy to implement polls that don’t decrease your website speed. Most of them even display the results in graphs and charts so you can easily look into all the important data. 

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