Save and Continue Drafts

You can allow your users to save a partially completed form and return later to finish it (even non-registered users).

Have you ever made it halfway through an extensive order form, only to be interrupted by a phone call or the doorbell ringing? More often then not you would forget about the form for a while, and when you’re back to finish the order, you find your session expired and you’d have to fill in all your details once again.

Nobody really wants to do that, which is why a few form builder plugins offer the save and continue drafts feature. Essentially they allow you to add a save button to any of your forms so your user can simply restore their draft and finish it when they have the time.

This feature allows any registered user to save a form in the state that it’s in and return at a later point of time to complete. Non-registered users will have their form saved locally so that they don’t have to refill completed fields. 

No more lost leads due to the daily interruptions. 

Of course the easiest way to increase conversions is a shorter form. But if for some reason your forms just have to be long, then a high abandonment rate (you can see this if you use submission analytics) could be an indicator for leads lost to ‘life getting in the way’.

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