Automatically send notifications to a Slack channel when a form on your WordPress site is submitted.

Offering product or service support via one of your WordPress forms? Have contractors in the field submitting reports that cannot wait? Orders coming in that need to be served now?

Slack for WordPress is invaluable for getting your team alerted in the moment. If you want to receive real time notifications in a Slack channel of your choice whenever one of your WordPress forms is submitted, make sure to choose a form builder that allows an easy integration, so you save money and time for a third-party connection service and the extensive setup.

Slack for WordPress will notify your sales team and other relevant members, the moment a form is submitted so you never miss out on an important new lead ever again. The integration via your form builder is simple to configure and effortless to maintain. You can configure how your form builder reports into your Slack channel of choice, and customize a message for it.

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Zapier Integration

Integrate with other online services such as Salesforce, Basecamp, GMail and over 1000 others using Zapier automation. You will need a Zapier account to make this, so additional costs may incur.

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