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Do you generate time-sensitive leads with your forms? This allows your forms to both send SMS messages and receive them, and even schedule for later.

If you’re using your site to generate time-sensitive leads via forms then you need to know the instant a lead is generated. and text messages are often your best option. The SMS notification feature enables integration with services such as Twilio or ClickSend which will send an SMS (Short Message Service) to you, or the person submitting the form. This has all sorts of uses, from texting notifications to you when a new submission was made, or sending thank you notes to the customer. If people registered for an event, you may want to send them a reminder to increase attendance.

You will have to open an account to be able to actually send SMS, and please check your form builder plugin first before making a choice.

SMS services for form builders

Usually the providers charge you to only for what you use. So the cost is usually quite low and is worth the small fees that occur per message. Here is a selection:

Form Builder Plugins

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