Create detailed surveys for market research, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, etc.

Have you ever wanted to create your own survey on your WordPress website? Do you want to know what your subscribers think? How your clients feel about your service? Whether your employees like their jobs? Then you should choose a form builder plugin that comes with a survey featur (or add on).

Survy, Poll or Quiz – what’s the difference?

Here’s a quick definition: A survey is a general inspection of someone or something. Generally, the goal is to generate a more complex feedback – not just some basic data. Surveys are more interactive and elaborate than polls. Normally in surveys users are asked to give suggestions, and detail their reasoning or experience. 

We’ve compiled a list of benefits that will help you consider using surveys if you’re not sure yet.

  • Surveys allow you to gather additional data like identifying your main competitors by asking your customers which product or service they considered before buying your product. 
  • Asking people for their opinion makes them feel valued, especially if you take actions based on their feedback. This is not only great for your customers but can also be a very valuable feature for employee motivation.
  • Surveys allow you to compare data over time
  • Surveys are one of the least expensive and easiest to implement forms of data collection. Unlike, for example, an engineering study or business intelligence analytics, you can conduct surveys with inexpensive tools

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