No need to create a form from scratch: start with pre-built form templates to save even more time.

Struggling to set up the ideal WordPress form? Why not choose a form builder that offers you a variety of pre-built templates for every niche and purpose, so you can quickly build all kinds of web forms. 

This is ideal for beginners, but even for seasoned web developers they can be a huge time-saver. Learning the plugin functions from an existing template can be a lot faster than reading through all of their documentation.

As the form builder plugins often use templates to showcase their capabilities, you can find any (and more) of these:

  • simple contact form
  • newsletter subscription form
  • registration form (sometimes as a multi-page form)
  • reservation form (booking an appointment)
  • form with payment integration
  • a calculator form i.e. to collect orders
  • a feedback form (i.e. with star ratings)

The templates are usually 100% customizable, so you can add, delete, and rearrange fields, making it unnecessary to create a form from scratch – unless you want to.

The form builders on the market handle this topic very differently – some just leave you with a handful, others have a vast variety. Some don’t bother about the style, while others offer a wide range of form designs.

It may be worth looking at the plugins in detail to see how serious they are about templates. Take WPForms, for example – they offer roughly 100+ templates for just about every thinkable niche, such as a “Baseball League Registration Form” or an “Avon Order Form”.

Whether this inclines you to choose it or not, is for you to decide.

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