User Registration + Login

Register WordPress users when a form is submitted. The form data will be used to create the user profile.

A user registration form allows your visitors to register themselves as a user on your WordPress website. If you want to register WordPress users whenever a form is being submitted, the user management feature (or add-on) some form builders offer is for you.

User management makes it possible to register new users to your WordPress website, setup website login forms, and allow users to edit their own profiles via webform. The form data will be used to create the profile or edit it later on.

If you’re looking to grow an engaged customer base and the pool of users that interact regularly with your content, this feature is a must for you because  the user registration and login portals are the gateway to your WordPress site.

Here are some of the things you can do with this feature:

  • Allow registered users to log in to your WordPress website
  • Create registration and login pages for users so they can submit content without entering your backend (using front end submission)
  • Display a custom message for logged in users
  • Redirect successful logins using the redirect action
  • Offer users the ability to update their own profiles
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